Ursula Page Photography is looking for a new Part-Time Employee…

After 2 years with Ursula Page Photography, Crystal, my part-time assistant, is moving on to a full-time job in August. We hate to see her go and it is so hard to see her leave now that she knows her job so well. This means that we are looking for a new assistant at the studio starting in August.

Job Description:
– part-time (15-25 hours/week on average and a few more during the peak months of October, November, March and April)
– some weekends needed (usually just a few times per year)
– main responsibilities include order entry, packaging orders, meeting with clients, client calls and emails, picking up/cleaning the studio, working on props and some graphic design work (no experience necessary)
Job Perks:
– Flexible hours available to fit your schedule
– Starting salary that will be increased when your work/dedication is proven
– Free professional portraits (that is an awesome perk)
– Great boss:)Position Requirements:
– Must be a generally happy and drama-free person
– Great organization skills for the office and studio
– Must be good with babies and children
– Must have some flexibility in your schedule
– Trustworthy
– Quick Learner
Skills That Would Be a Plus (but not necessary)
– Flexibility to meet and work with clients in the evening if needed
– A love of crafting/creating things from scratch (with and without guidance)
– Any experience with children
– Any experience with Photoshop, Lightroom, Excel, Word and blogging
This position is one that I would love to have someone in it for a few years as I did with my past assistants. It is not a summer or after school job. Often, sessions are scheduled in the morning and help during sessions would be desired at least some of the time. Please contact me with your name, contact information and either your resume or a list of your skill set and experience.
To apply, send your resume and or background info and work experience along with your availability to me at ursulapage @gmail.com


July 14, 2015 - 10:52 am
July 14, 2015 - 9:21 am

Susan Svage - Where do I send a resume at?

July 13, 2015 - 7:10 pm

Halee Patterson - I would be extremely interested. How can I apply for this position?


July 13, 2015 - 8:36 am

Shelby Harrell - I have a resume that I would like to send to you! Where would you like it to be sent?

July 12, 2015 - 11:08 pm

Barbara DuPre - Ursala, I am very interested in this position. I am the leader of the Staging Team at The Gathering Church and enjoy being creative and crafting our stage designs. I also have lots of office experience and enjoy meeting people. Babies and children brighten my day
my phone number is 229-225-1515. I am retorrf and very flexible with my hours.

My Mission Trip to Haiti, Part 3

After the orphanage, we stopped at this remote area and walk (I mean hiked) up a path to this strange kind of amphitheater. The entire thing is made out of old tired and bottles and when completed, you will never know those are the resources used to make it. This will become a school – and like everything else in Haiti, it will be used for many other things too.


Some days we just interacted with the community and talked and prayed with them. It was really neat. Of course we needed a translator as they speak Creole (kind of a slang French). It was so interesting to see their homes and see what things they did with so very little. And…they did everything with a smile which was kind of crazy because they literally have nothing.


We spent part fo a day at this lady’s house learning how she makes soap and does laundry. The guys had fun playing Haitian games.


We also went to a local school so that not only could we meet the kids, but so that some of the people on the mission trip who sponsored a child could meet that child. That was a really neat experience. The school rooms are crowded and stuffy and hot. The room is divided by room dividers between the ages. The kids go to school until about noon and they eat lunch at the school. I was surprised to watch them eat out of metal bowls, about 5 at a time. When they were done, they would hand the bowl to the next child for his portion of rice and beans. Washing the dish in between never happened. Only the wealthier or sponsored kids can go to school.


One one of the last days, we met with some local women at another church/school. It was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip as these women were so candid and it was very clear that no matter where we are, women and moms have many of the same problems. It was kind of refreshing and I just loved all these ladies (the guys were the translators).



All in all, we had a good mission trip to Haiti. The weather is really hot there and there is no A/C almost anywhere. We had it at our hotel but the electricity was not always on. The country was beautiful and the people were so happy and friendly and yet so very poor. They lived off not much and their desires were actually very similar to our desires. A happy home, a good relationship with their kids and with God (for some…as it is here). If you ever want to help them, you can sponsor a child through 410 Bridge. You can also send school supplies and clothes and boy do they need tarps. You cna pray for them.  I learned so much and I made a lot of new friends…both people on the trip and Haitians we met there.

The Family Love

I enjoy taking this families pictures because not only are they all super sweet, but they always have fun picture ideas and they also let me just take whatever I want. I love capturing the kids playing, the big sisters tickling the little sister, the running, junping and laughs all around. These 5 are so much fun!



My Mission Trip to Haiti, Part 2

So, I have been gaps in my pictures as I did not bring my camera every day. We walked almost everywhere we went and the camera and lenses are HEAVY so I used my phone and ipad on other days for pictures just for me. I will spare you from my overload of phone pictures.

On this day, we went to a local orphanage run by Hands & Feet. I was so impressed with not only how nice the orphanage was, but how well organized it was. The director and his wife are Americans so it was nice to hear a lot about the orphanage and how things ran on a day to day business. I will tell you that these kids get a lot of love which is so nice to see.


We had a great time listening to the kids sing songs and sharing a Bible story with them. We only got to play with them for a bit afterward but they were so sweet!


This picture broke my heart. I think it is because I don’t think I got one insect bite the entire time there and I am always the first one bit. I wondered where some of these kids had been at one time to get such bad bites.


We took a tour of the facility. It was very spacious and they were doing a lot of construction which was neat to see.


I loved the mountains in the backdrop.


My Mission Trip to Haiti, Part 1

Right after school got out, my son and I joined a local church and we went to Oban, Haiti on a mission trip. It was my first mission trip, my first time to Haiti and my first taste of a truly third world area. We arrived at the Port-Au-Prince airport and it was CRAZY outside. People in uniforms trying to take your bags “for you” and I was happy that the group arranging our trip, 410 Bridge had a secure van for us and we hopped in and made the almost five hour drive to Oban. The crazy thing is that Oban is really only about 90 kilometers from the airport but between the traffic and the long, winding roads, the trip took a long time.



This was our view from the bus. There are so many people everywhere and so much trash. Motorcycles were huge as well as these tricked out trucks that had turned into cabs. These trucks fit (squashed) tons of people in them. And, so many women walked around with huge baskets and tubs on their heads fileld with stuff they were selling. I am not sure how they balanced it all.


I was happy to make it to our hotel. We had electricity (sometimes) and a homemade breakfast and dinner each day. There were some strange items but in general the food was very good. All of my food pictures were on my phone or ipad so I may have to do a special post with those. After arriving, we took a tour of the community. I had taken something for car-sickness so I was really tired. I brought my camera and I was wearing crocs which I found very hard to walk on the  rocky paths that the community walked on every day. It was also VERY hot. I was a total wimp. The area was beautiful…but lots of trash everywhere. The river had dried up so water was hard to get to.

I loved the kids we met on the way…

This was probably the nicest church/school we saw while there.


This little guy stole my heart – David. Every animal we saw was so skinny. Their bones were sticking out.

This was a schoohouse. School was out for the day.
People’s homes. See the tarps? They used these as roofs. Many had holes in them and they were falling apart. So many were old advertisements or parts of old US aid packages.
This was someone’s house. WOW……
It’s funny how we were all hot and sweaty and hungry and in culture shock and they all just smiled at us. What a happy group of people. And the kids… be still my heart. I LOVED them.
Many people sold stuff from the front of their homes. Some were supplies and others sold cooked goods.
The kids would run up and grab our hands and walk with us. I had to stop taking pictures because I was happier holding their hands.
Ok. This grossed me out. Lots of meat sitting out in the heat. Flies everywhere. I was worried about germs. The translators said much fo the meat is boiled for long periods of time.
This is the local market where people can sell their food and wares.
I asked what she was selling. Some kind of meat pie.
The kids loved to talk to us. I was not always sure if the parents were too thrilled.
My son showed a boy his phone. There was lots of oohs and ahhs heard.

Watch for part 2 later this week!

The Thomasville Visit

My favorite family from Boston, Massachusetts was back to Thomasville last week for a visit so it was fun to see them again, be amazed how much the kids have grown since their last visit, and take pictures of their fun family. Thanks y’all for including me in your vacation plans!