The Sweetest Sitting Up Session

So…this little guy is CUTE! And I mean cute! We had the best sitting up session and he was smiley and sweet and just really super adorable!

A Special and Sweet Baby Boy

This really sweet couple welcomed the cutest baby boy not too long ago and I was thrilled that they signed up for my baby plan. I just love watching the little ones grow and this little guy was so sweet and relaxed and he was such a joy to photograph. Congratulations y’all!

And the Cutest Little Redhead Turns One….

This little guy is just turning one and we had a great time at his birthday session! He is not only one of the smiliest little ones around, but he also loves it when I hold him and that is an awesome job perk! I just love that he has become a total little redhead and he is so darn cute! I am thrilled that I got both mom and dad in this set of pictures…they are the sweetest family!

Just a Little Past Two Weeks Old

This sweet baby boy was just a little past two weeks old and he had a head full of the most amazing dark hair. His mom was so sweet to talk to throughout the session and her little guy (after a little bit of time awake) dozed off and slept peacefully through the rest of the session. What a little sweetheart!

Bark Busters Red Hills

Hi everyone! Normally, I don’t post blog pictures of the commercial sessions that I do. But, I just had to share this recent session with Bark Busters Red Hills. If you don’t know much about Bark Busters and you have dogs, you need to know this name. Our local Bark Busters, headed up by Leigh Ann Falconer, is a behavioral therapist and master trainer for dogs. Leigh Ann not only loves dogs and has this amazing patience and temperament with them, but she also is a fantastic trainer that can teach your dog behavioral lessons in a kind and gentle manner. So many people over the years have shared their thankfulness for Leigh Ann and her dog training that it was great to see her in action with the dogs. I was so impressed how well they all listened and followed her commands and not once did she have to yell at them or be aggressive. If you have a dog that needs a little help in the listening area, I strongly urge you to give Leigh Ann a call. Click on these links to get to her website or her Facebook page for more information.

She is HERE!

I have been waiting to meet this beautiful little girl for quite awhile! Her mom is quite the planner (which I love!) and she not only planned out some special items to use that were made by family but she also brought along the most precious lace romper that looked amazing in pictures. These parents are over the moon excited that their baby girl is here and I know that they are going to be amazing parents 🙂

Waiting on Their Second Little Boy

I am excited about this family coming back for the baby plan for their new little boy w. Mama looks amazing at this stage in pregnancy and we had a great time at her maternity session with her husband and precious little guy. Big brother was also on my baby plan so it is fun to see how much they have grown and this little guy is so cute and funny and he loves to play. I can’t wait to share their little one’s newborn session next!