10 on Tuesday

It has been ages since I have done a personal post on the blog and since I am somewhat caught up on things, I thought I finally get one done. Ten on Tuesday is just 10 random things that have happened or gone on lately so maybe you will see a few more of these as time goes on:)

1. I have two kids with birthdays in the next month. My youngest turns 8 this week and my oldest turns 16 in a few weeks. What happened to time? It really needs to slow down….

2. I made this crockpot recipe for Balsamic roast in the crockpot and it turned out sooooo yummy and I loved that I had all the ingredients and it was a great meal for one of the days where I was booked up all and in the evening so I could have dinner ready in a flash. I did use an apple Balsamic vinegar to make it but my assistant Crystal made it with regular balsamic vinegar and she said her kids loved it and ate every last bite. This recipe is a winner…just don’t overcook it.

3. And speaking of good food, a friend and I went to Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox in Tallahassee for lunch one day and it was amazing. We split this meal and neither of us could finish our half. We ordered the Tucker Duke burger and it was so, so good. I took my family there this past weekend and my son loved the maple bacon popcorn.

4. I am so excited about the cool fall weather and the fun activities we love to participate in. Last year, we had a big group go out to Raisin’ Cane, a Valdosta farm/corn maze/fall event for a fun time. The kids loved the corn maze in the dark and the pulley ride was a lot of fun too! I personally enjoyed the bonfire and smores and we will definitely go back again this fall.

5. Although I am not a huge spots fan, I love that my school, Baylor University has done amazing this year and we are ranked nationally #7! I am so excited that they have done so well and I am dying to see their new amazing stadium on the water where you can not just tailgate but SAILgate and pull your boat right up the the stadium. I used to sail on that river in college so I think that tailgating there would be so much fun!

6. This is finals week which used to mean a whole other things when my kids were in elementary school. It used to mean the last push before a fun week off from school. Now, it means trying get my middle and high schooler to sit still long enough to study for finals and finish all those last minute projects. This will not be a fun week:(

7. Within the last month, I got a new computer and a new phone (well, replacement phone…same type) and it has taken FOREVER to move over every single program and app and log into everything again. I hope to not have to do this again for another 5 years, LOL!

8. After our big trip to California last summer, we are trying to decide what to do this year. The beach is always fun but only 2 out of the 3 kids like it and so we are thinking about heading out to Colorado to see my brother who I never, ever get to see since he is so far away. Why do plane tickets have to be so expensive? Sigh…

9. I was thrilled that all of the mini sessions sold out so early this year and soon we will be announcing Santa session. Just a head’s up…he will be at the studio the morning of December 6th so mark your calendar now!

10. Last of all, I am dying to go apple picking but not only do I not know where to go, but when you are a photographer, you don’t have many fall weekends available for trips. Any suggestions where we could go that is not too far away?

The Little Redhead

This precious baby boy is #6 in the family and boy is he a cutie. I adore his red hair and super sweet grin. His family is so nice and I am trying to think when I first met his mom and I am guessing it was soon after we moved here almost 10 years ago. We have a few kids that match up in ages and many times I have heard my son talking to her son through a video game. I can’t wait to see who this cutie looks the most like. He has a few redhead siblings but they are not all redheads so I hope his hair stays this beautiful, brilliant color. So sweet!


Keisley, Class of 2015

It had been a few years since I had last photographed Keisley and she has turned into such a beautiful oung woman and she is so sweet! I think my favorite thing about her is her voice. It is sweet and kind and so unique…I can’t quite explain it but I could listen to her talk all day! We met up at Cherokee Lake for her senior pictures and I was thrilled that the weather had cooled off a bit and there were still some flowers in bloom. I love what we captured and I enjoyed catching up with Keisley. What a beauty:)



Hannah Wright

It had been a few years since I last photographed Hannah and it was so nice to catch up with her while she was in town for a benefit concert that she was participating in. Hannah is a wonderful singer and guitarist and soon she is taking the country music plunge even more and she will have a CD coming out! If you have never heard Hannah sing, you can hear some cover songs HERE and HERE and an original HERE. We had to get through our session very quickly due to the awful dark skies and sprinkles of rain here and there but Hannah is so easy to work with that she just rolled with it and we got some great images for her exciting new venture. I already told her that when she has a guest spot on the show Nashville that she has to take me, LOL;)Now we just need to make that happen for her! Thanks Hannah for a wonderful session!



Bathing Beauty

This little one had this outfit that her parents said everyone commented on how cute she looked in it so I had to see it. And yes, I squealed when I saw her in it. She looked so cute I couldn’t help it. I had the perfect little white antique bathtub and she loved it…and all the rest of the time taking pictures. Such a cutie pie!