Celebrating Her Birthday a Little Late…

This sweet little girl turned one and somehow her birthday session had to get rescheduled one too many times because of illness and weather and so I was SO excited when we finally were able to take her portraits. I headed out to their house and land which some of is used for hunters and so the area was just beautiful. Since I had been there before, I already knew of a few great places to photograph them at, but this time we also added in the spot where their future house will lie. I just love this family and the kids are so awesome! After I left, the little guy told his mom that he loved me and when she texted me later that evening, I am pretty sure my heart just melted right there. Enjoy the portrait peek of this awesome family!


Susan Bennett, First Thomasville Realty

Hi everyone! I have been meaning to share these images of Susan Bennett, realtor extraordinaire for quite some time and now that her business page is up and running, I thought it was a perfect time. Susan has been a realtor in the area for quite some time…as long as I have lived here I think. She and I laugh have chatted before about how we both have businesses with weird working hours as she shows houses like I shoot and work on my images…weekday, weekend, morning, afternoon, evening, really late evening, etc. I followed Susan along to one of her listings and photographed her at work. Check out her Facebook page and give her a call if you are interested in buying or selling!

Those Little Heartbreakers!

It is so fun to have little brother on my baby plan because I also get to see his adorable big brother who is a baby plan alumni. I still can’t believe that he will be four soon and little brother is inching closer to his first birthday. These boys share their baby blue eyes and charming personalities but as the little one gets older I think they are starting to look less alike. I do know that both these boys will be total heartbreakers when they grow up!

Oh Baby Boy…

I met this little guy a few weeks ago for his newborn session and he was such a good baby and great to cuddle with 🙂 I am excited to photograph his first year and I can’t wait to watch him grow!

Oh Smiley Boy

What an amazing smile this little guy gave me over and over…what a charmer!