Abby, Scholar’s Academy Class of 2015

This is not the first time I have photographed Abby and so it was fun to photograph her now as a senior as she has got to be one of the sweetest kids out there. She is a good friend of another senior I know well and she and her mom always talk about what a true and great friend Abby is. I can totally see why they love her so as she is so down to earth and fun and it was a bonus for me that she is so easy to photograph. I just loved watching her laugh every time I asked to see a serious look and then she mad me laugh of course. We had to throw a little Mickey mouse in there as she loves Mickey and this cute sweatshirt she owns. I feel very strongly that senior pictures are not all supposed to be formal or classic, but they are really supposed to show who the senior is at that moment in time. It’s something you will never want to forget, and I know that I think back to my senior memories and senior portraits with a smile on my face as I remember that special time. Thanks Abby for a wonderful session!


Oh…the Outfits

I LOVE the outfits this little one has. Her mom and grandmother find the cutest outfits around and I want to shrink my daughter down so she can fit into these same clothes. I love the vintage feel with the sunshine yellow. My little baby planner sure has turned into one beautiful little girl!


She’s Back with Some Silliness

Yep…this little one is back with her silly smiles and funny faces. She is 2 and not shy at all which I love. Her first shot was one of these total cheese smiles because she was ready for the camera. Oh…and check out those cute pants she has on. her grandma MADE them. I’m impressed!


Ombre Anyone?

We have a new purple ombre backdrop in the studio. I love how we can hang it light to dark or dark to light and both give totally different looks. Of course, this cute smiling face sure helps show it off:)


Baby Brown Eyes

The last time I saw this little she was days old and I didn’t even recognize her because she has grown so much. I love her big brown eyes and pink little cheeks. Precious!


Those Boots

I love seeing my baby planners as they grow and this little guy has come so far from how tiny he was when we first met since he was premature at birth. He was cracking me up with his big kid smile and mannerisms and those super cute cowboy boots!