Dollcake Beauty

This precious little girl came into the studio with a beautiful dress made by Dollcake  (which happens to be my favorite place to get little girl dresses) and she did an amazing job of posing for me. She was soooo cute and that adorable little face paired with the gorgeous blond curls and shining personality came together for some beautiful pictures!

The Sisters Have Grown

It has been awhile since I last photographed these two and they have grown up so much and they are so pretty and sweet and amazing at taking direction! I am in love with all these images and the new studio backdrops look awesome! I am so excited about them. If you like these backdrops, call us today to book a studio appointment!

His First Birthday Portraits at Home

This family is gorgeous and they always take amazing pictures! I can’t believe how big the boys have gotten and it is so neat to see both of them grow up since they were both baby planners. I was impressed at how smiley big brother was as usually he is the serious one. And that cake…the birthday boy LOVED the cake. Such a cute session!!!




The Hunny Pot

This sweet baby girl turned one not long ago and she came to her session with the cutest outfits…many of them from Well Dressed Wolf which makes some of my favorite little girl outfits. Not only was this little one super smiley and adorable but then I spied the baby goats and the cute factor went into overload 🙂 Thanks for another great session y’all and a big Happy First Birthday to Miss J 🙂


So, I put off writing this post on Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday and even on Friday before I had to head out of town. I just didn’t know what to say. But, I decided I just needed to write it today.  On Tuesday evening, one of my very first clients who was also a very special friend passed away from NET (neuroendocrine) cancer. Shirley was only 48 years old and she was diagnosed about 1.5 years ago. Shirley was an amazing friend and one of the nicest people I have ever known.

I first met Shirley at church and not long after we started having lunch out on a regular basis. She worked full-time and I was a stay at home mom. I always wondered why in the world Shirley would want to have lunch with me because, at the time, I always had an active little boy with me and then later a baby girl. Lunches were never quiet and sometimes we didn’t get to chat with each other that much as my kids sometimes took over the lunch. Shirley never minded the craziness that came along with me during our lunches out. That was her. Unselfish. She was sweet and kind and really funny. She also was that friend that bought fundraiser item from my kids and she was always willing to help others. Shirley also helped me grow my business from the very beginning. She told her friends and co-workers and even her company about me and I have always been so grateful for that boost when I really needed it. I always enjoyed hanging out with her at church and at school events and of course our lunches together.

But, what was most special about Shirley was her relationship with Christ. Shirley was a very strong Christian and throughout her entire cancer journey, she had this amazing positive attitude and she knew that God was in control and in summary…it was well with her soul. Her strength, courage, and attitude were like none I had ever seen. But, she never tried to take credit for any of that…she always gave the credit to God. Also, during the craziness that came about for me last year, Shirley’s encouraging texts and Bible verses meant more than anyone else’s. I kept thinking…wow…here she is with terminal cancer and she is the one trying to encourage me.  I would tell you her whole story, but the cool thing is that she can tell you herself. If you have a few minutes, please take a break from your day and watch this talk that Shirley gave not too long ago at Dawson Street Baptist Church. Here is the link. Watch it. You won’t be sorry. You will be encouraged.

We are glad that Shirley is out of pain now and she is in an amazing place with our Heavenly Father. The sadness that we feelnow is that we will all miss her so much. She was such a great wife, mom, friend, family member, employee, boss and so much more to so many. I’m so glad that I was fortunate enough to know her and love her. So thank you Shirley…you were an amazing friend.

A Fun Family of Five

We headed out one December morning for pictures of this crew on some family land way out in the country. The kids showed me the trails they enjoyed as well as their swing.  You could tell that everyone loved coming out there. Everyone was in a great mood…well, almost everyone 😉  The youngest was not too thrilled with pictures on this day but she was so cute and quite the little firecracker and that made her very fun to photograph.  Age 2 is awesome 🙂 The big kids were so sweet and helpful and they took direction so well. This is such a beautiful family!


Family Time in Boston

This fall I had more large family portraits than ever before and I loved that. It is so wonderful to see the grandparents, kids and grandkids all together. The love and laughter of those sessions is amazing, especially when the family does not live nearby. You will never regret having a portrait of everyone for your home as life is short and we need pictures with our loved ones…our family…our loves.

And now that I am done with all the mushy stuff, I have to brag on this family a bit. We did their portraits out in Boston, Georgia on some family property. One family lives here in town and the other sister came from far away. Everyone was enjoying their time wth each other. The weather was amazing. The fall colors were beautiful. It was an awesome session. So, this means that you get to see LOTS of images, LOL.  Enjoy!