Family Pictures at South Eden

South Eden Plantation is such a beautiful place for pictures and I was thrilled that we got to shoot there for this session. The boys were all so good about smiling and standing still and so it made the session go by quickly. I also love how color coordinated everyone is…these are going to look great up on the wall. Thanks y’all for a great session!

Welcoming a Baby Brother

This little guy was recently welcomed into the family by his parents and his big sister. She was so cute and excited to have a baby brother. So sweet!

She Is On the Move!

This little baby planner was SO fast during her session that we had a hard time keeping her in one spot, LOL. But, she may have been busy but she was also so happy and funny that we still got some amazing pictures. I love how full of personality she is and it makes her even cuter if that is even possible!

Grandpa Love

This sweet little girl came into the studio for a portrait with her grandfather which I thought was a super cute idea for a Father’s day gift. She was pretty shy but with lots of coaxing and some very silly antics, we got her to smile. I love the bond these two have. ♥♥♥

This Smiley Baby Girl

This little girl was all smiles for her sitting up session and so the session just flew by! I am SO excited about her birthday session in a few months because we are going to “attempt” to reenact a picture we did with her brother when he was little but this time both kids and their dog (so everyone cross your fingers that it works, LOL). Thanks for a great sitting up session little one!

She Favors Her Brothers

This little girl looks SO much like her big brothers that I can’t get over it! She is so cute and chubby and since the middle brother was also on my baby plan, I remember him as a baby very well and they both have/had SO much personality at this age! She looked so cute and I can’t wait for her family to see the pictures in print when they arrive!

How Is It So?

This little girl just finished the baby plan and I will miss seeing her and her family so often. She is such a cutie pie and I just loved her little floral dress. She was walking all over the place for her session and she was so curious about everything outside. We tried a little tea party for her which was super cute too 🙂