$29 August Special!

So…you may wonder why I am just now announcing the August special we are having here at the studio but the reason is that we first released it to all of the newsletter subscribers at the end of July. If you would like to be the first to hear about specials, mini sessions and all kinds of good stuff, please follow this link to sign up for the newsletter HERE.

So…more about this awesome August special.

$29 Session Fee in August

  • One person, child or pet (you can add on up to 2 more for $20/each)
  • 30 minute session
  • Must be inside (2 backdrop choices) or directly outside the studio in the grassy area
  • Weekdays only in August 2014
  • One outfit
  • $50 minimum print order


We have had a great response to this special and I wanted to make sure the newsletter subscribers heard about this first and got their pick of dates. We do have spots open and we would love to get you in for a session. This is a great way to get an updated portrait of your child for their birthday or to celebrate back to school. Or, maybe you need a portrait of your sweet new puppy or a headshot for work. Give us a call at 229.379.6357 or email us at ursula@ursulapagephotography.com too book your session today!

Making it Your Own

Today we live in the world of Pinterest. Great recipes we can’t wait to try, DIY projects that can turn junk into gems, kids activities and party ideas that are creative and amazing and lots and lots of awesome photographs of everything you can imagine. I myself love Pinterest and I am one of those crazy people that actually tries many of the recipes they pin and get party and school ideas from there as well. It was also very helpful in building the house as I could pin styles I liked as well as specific lighting fixtures, paint colors and decorating ideas. But, as a photographer, I have a whole other opinion of Pinterest.

I love when my clients have great ideas for pictures and moments they would like me to to capture. I get excited over cool new prop finds cool props finds as well as other fun things that make the session pop. But, in this ever changing society, sometimes it can be discouraging to get an email full of Pinterest pictures from various photographers and sessions and  (and sometimes all my own prior sessions) with the hope that we can replicate these pictures in their own session. Why does this make me sad? Well, the problem is that with this expectation, the client will always be disappointed, no matter how great the pictures are. Why? Because it is impossible to replicate a picture. Your child/self will never look just like that subject nor will they have the same clothes, location, backdrop, props, editing, etc. Just the natural light alone can vary so much from one day to the next based on cloud cover, season and time of day. Even the best session ever with all the same props and backdrops is still never going to be the same as the original.  Plus, we have already seen that same picture before so some of the excitement just isn’t there. And, I remember once spending a good 10 minutes at a wedding trying to replicate a specific picture and it just wasn’t happening (it is actually a pretty funny story if you ever want to ask me in person) and then my second shooter moved on to try herself for another 10 minutes while I had moved on. Imagine the amazing pictures we could have used that 20 minutes for? So, I have decided to think of Pinterest as an inspiration in life but one to use only for slight guidance with a twist of yourself to make things truly an original.

In the case of this family, we chatted many times about doing a lifestyle session to capture who they are and what their life is like right now…at this special and fleeting moment in their lives. Their mom wanted pictures of the family just being themselves and enjoying each other and that made my heart sing. She also wanted to include nursing pictures (which turned out amazing and those pictures will stay private) which means a lot to this mom of two. But, before we decided what and where to shoot around their home,  I did a little research and showed them some images of other nursing/lifestyle pictures to get an idea of what I was envisioning and to see this family wanted a similar style. Mom loved the ideas so we set out to capture something wonderful. But, once we started, the clouds shifted and all of the key pictures we had looked at were taken in the bedroom and by this time it was simply too dark dark. So, I took that concept and then used my client’s amazing house and we found where the natural light was streaming in to get the look I knew we all wanted. The result? Pictures I love and even more important is that my client loves them. After viewing the gallery a few times, she texted me that she wanted to wallpaper her house in them. I love that. Of course, her awesome decor, super cute family and killer natural light (plus a little studio light help from me) resulted in something special, one of a kind and completely unique.

Thanks to this amazing family for letting me capture your family at this special time:)



These Two Turned One!

I met these two cuties at their brand new house for their one year portraits. It was so hot outside…even early in the morning but the two did great and I was thrilled we had smiles from both as it had always been one or the other before this session. I am so in love with their little chubby cheeks as they are both so kissable ♥ Happy first birthday you two!


Alexus, Class of 2014

A few months ago I photographed Alexus as she was just about to graduate. This girl is one smart cookie and man is she determined, responsible, funny and super photogenic. She is headed off to the Ivy League next year and I am so happy for her. I got to know Alexus better as she came in to help me with some of the props for the studio and I found out that she is also creative. Yes…she is a total package! I also realized how much help she was and so if you happen to know of a senior girl that may be interested in working on some props this year, just let us know! Congratulations Alexus and I know you will have an amazing future ahead!



New and Smiley

This sweet little boy came in full of newborn smiles which I LOVE! He was quite the snuggable little one and a great little sleeper. He was less than a week old and that meant he let us pose him again and again without waking up. He is one beautiful baby boy…



Casey + Daniel – The Wedding

What can I say about this wedding and this couple? The are the sweetest people around and their family just made me feel like one of them for the day. We started out at their family home in Cairo as everyone got ready and then we did their first look in the pecan orchard next to their home. I about flipped when I saw the vintage car that just begged to be used in the pictures. These two have such an easygoing relationship that looks so effortless because they just fit together so well!  We had an amazing day at this wedding and I am in love with all the portraits. I also want to thank my amazing second shooter Terri Smith for helping me capture their special day. Thanks Casey and Daniel for allowing me the opportunity to photograph this special time in your lives:)



Johnathon, Class of 2014

OK…so, I am REALLY, REALLY late on posting this one. I had a few minutes and I was looking through my categories and it hit me that somehow I had missed blogging Johnathon’s session from months and months ago. I am guessing I must have been very busy at the time (or that my children were driving me crazy, LOL). Johnathon is such a nice guy and so polite and well dressed that I was very impressed him. I have known his mom for awhile now so I should have guessed he would be so much like her! Thanks Johnathon for a great session and patience with this blog post!