He Made My Day

The day before this session was crazy. First Santa sessions, then I photographed a wedding, and then we attended a Christmas part and by 10:30 I was ready to collapse. The next day I was so tired…and sore and I was not sure I was ready for another session already. And then…this cute little one came in with a huge smile and I was hooked. He smiled and laughed and was charming and he was just what I needed that day. Total sweetness and it his happiness kept me smiling the rest of the day:)


Coming Back Home

This is the second time I photographed this family and even if they don’t live here, I think many local Thomasville folks know just who they are and enjoy seeing pictures of them and their kids growing up . We met out a family member’s house and I was surprised when I arrived. Why? In the middle of this busy street was a driveway that took us back to a beautiful hidden oasis…a home and lake (ok, pond but I like the sound of lake) and the trees were gorgeous as they had just started changing colors and the weather was wonderful. the last time I photographed the kids I had to chase them and make them laugh and this time they were so grown up about posing and having great attitudes. Thanks y’all for including me in your visit back home!


A New Addition for Christmas

I have been friends with this family since I first moved to Thomasville. They had no kids and I had two wild little boys for a few years. Then, when I was pregnant with my daughter, she called to tell me the wonderful news that she was pregnant with her first and I was overjoyed for this sweet couple. I LOVE the fact that I have gotten to watch them grow from a famiy of two to a family of six over the years and photograph them along the way. They welcomed their newest son into the family last month and I can only imagine the fun (and trouble) these boys will have growing up together. It was so fun to capture their newest son and life in their new house all at once. Such a beautiful family and one I love to pieces!



Christmas With One on the Way

This little guy was on my baby plan and soon he will be a big brother! He looked so stylin’ in his Navy sweater and those blue eyes just draw me in. He was so good and the 20 minute mini session was perfect for everyone and we got some amazing individual, family, maternity and Christmas pictures. Thanks y’all!


How Did She Grow Up So Fast?

I first met this sweet redhead as a newborn and now she is in school and as I have said many times before, she is one of the smartest little kids I have ever met. Her vocabulary is phenomenal…of course coming from two smart parents may have helped too but seriously she is amazing. She is also super cute and full of spunk and fun. I am so happy this family has entrusted their portraits to me yet again:)


These Two Girls

These two girls are the cutest and sweetest things around. Miss big sister acts like she hates to smile, but when she does, she can light up a room. Her little sister is always sweet and smiley and angelic looking. I love how close these two girls are and both their parents are so eay to chat with and such a pleasure to work with.