The End of an Era

This sweet little girl turned one recently and even though her parents had already moved far away, they came back for her final session (and to finalize some things). This marks an end of a sweet era that I got to witness and make friends with a wonderful family – the Kings. We met when I found her blog by accident and I read about their lives after the tragic accident that took the life of their little girl and it just hit home. Rachel is such an eloquent writer and when she blogs, you feel like you just understand, or maybe better said, feel, everything she has written. I was able to capture their newborn twins and their special first birthday as well as this little cutie, a surprise of sorts and her first year. It has been amazing to read about a family who lost so much and somehow…slowly but wonderfully, came back from the dark depths through God and his amazing promises and blessings. Reading her blog now shows how much they have grown and changed and yet some things never change. I have learned so much through them and Rachel’s amazing written words. Thank y’all not only for blessing my life and for teaching me many lessons, including the one to be thankful in the midst of chaos and despair. I wish your family much love and happiness in your new home and I can’t wait to read on…