Two Little Miracles

A few months ago, I was on Facebook and I saw someone post a link to a blog and I meant to take a peek, but it was a busy day and I never got around to it. Well, in the next week, I saw multiple people link to this blog on Facebook and I decided that I better take a look. I sat back and read this Mommy’s story and I started to cry. This Mommy and Daddy had a beautiful four year old daughter named Makiah. She had blond hair, blue eyes, a sweet smile, and she was full of life. She loved ballet, fairies, and mermaids and last October her life ended very unexpectedly in a tragic car accident.

For some reason, their story hit me hard even though we had never met – probably because the description of that little girl could have described my own daughter. I prayed for their family and thought about them the next few days, but somehow that didn’t seem enough. So, I took a chance and contacted her as I thought maybe I could help bring a smile to their faces by capturing a new joy in their lives when their twin girls were born a few months down the road. I was very happy when Rachel said yes and then of course I got a little nervous as I have done a lot of twin sessions, but never twin newborns.

I met this family last week when their baby girls, Alena and Abby, were just a week old. The girls were born 4 weeks premature so they are just tiny…4 and 5 lbs and so very sweet! I not only met Rachel and Cameron, but they brought along both the Grandmas who were a huge help in getting the babies in place and soothed throughout the session. They were the cutest grandmothers and so happy to be there for their first photo session. I couldn’t help notice not only how excited everyone was, but the amount of love in that room was overwhelming. We talked a lot about big sister Makiah and I got to see some beautiful pictures of her and we incorporated some of Makiah’s favorite things into her sisters’ first pictures.

To commemorate Makiah’s life, there is an amazing fundraiser going on where you can purchase a beautiful silver well charm and the proceeds will go toward building clean water wells through Operation Blessing which was a cause that Makiah felt strongly about. I got to see this well charm in person and not only is it beautiful, but it is very well made. You can find out how to purchase a well and read more about how these well charms came to be on her blog.

I feel so lucky to have met these tiny little miracles – true blessings in every since of the word and just seeing their sweet little faces makes me smile. I also want to give a special thanks to Joy for helping me out with this session. Another pair of hands is always a great thing! Now, on to their pictures as I know that is what everyone wants to see!


Mommy and Daddy giving these girls some love…


I have gotten a smile from a newborn before but can you believe I got smiles from both babies at only one week old? I think they are really happy to finally be in their Mommy & Daddy’s arms.








This was one of Makiah’s favorite toys.


This picture is the most special to me out of all of them. Why? This little lamb was Makiah’s special little lamb that she loved dearly and they wanted to use it in the newborn photos. I love what this picture signifies – Makiah up above watching over her two new little sisters from above and that heart that encompasses them is the love they have brought to so many people. OK, someone hand me a tissue…quick!

Thank you so much Rachel and Cameron for allowing me to photograph your precious girls!

March 15, 2011 - 10:05 pm

Andrea Bozeman - As always, Ursula, you did an amazing job with these babies! I must say that there is a quality in these photos that make you feel like you are getting a little glimpse of heaven. Thank you so much for sharing and thanks be to God for the blessing he poured out on these parents.

March 11, 2011 - 9:16 pm

Rachel - I do not personally know this family, but I am the daughter of an Assembly of God preacher in Georgia. Our family has been following Rachel’s blog and praying for them.
These have got to be the most beautiful baby photos that I have ever seen. You are so creative and blessed with such talent. I can’t help but think that God has given Makiah a view from heaven to her sweet baby sisters.

March 11, 2011 - 8:31 pm

Tammy - thank you for doing this. what a gift. and aren’t these girls beautiful. I pray for healing and I think that you are a part of it today

March 11, 2011 - 7:12 am

Landi - Much like you, I have been following Rachel’s blog because I followed a link to it from facebook one day. It is just amazing how our God works, that He would see fit to connect people in such a way. You have given them a beautiful gift through your talent. Be blessed!

March 10, 2011 - 8:46 pm

Melissa Vinson - I’ve been following Rachel’s blog. You did an amazing job with the photos! Precious!!

March 10, 2011 - 10:12 am

Susan M Morris - I Love Cameron and Rachel,and my heart cryed a million tears for them.These pictures are so magnificent,There will be many blessings poured out on you for what you have done for them.
Thank you

March 9, 2011 - 2:05 pm

Tracey Harper - What a profound way to capture such a special memory. Loved viewing these pictures and so happy for those two parents. I’m sure they are absolutely overjoyed.

March 8, 2011 - 4:40 pm

Donna - Your work is truly profound for you have captured the essence of purity and hope (and smiles) for a precious family who never should have to bear the burden they have. You’ve lightened their load a bit – you captured all three sisters.

March 8, 2011 - 10:24 am

Suzanne Thomas - Very moving. I have never met this family, but the tragic loss of their little daughter Makiah has stayed in my heart and continues to bring tears to my eyes. I continue to pray for them and thank God for the blessing of these precious little daughters.

March 8, 2011 - 1:02 am

Kathie Wright-Allen - What beautiful pictures of these precious babies! Ursula you did a wonderful thing for Rachel and Cameron…In the picture of them smiling I truly believe Makiah is whispering to them to let them know how much she loves them……

March 8, 2011 - 12:59 am

Shari - You did an outstanding job with these precious little ones ! I can also see an abundance of love being captured in each picure. Rachel, Cameron, and both sides of the Grandparents are such lovely families.I hope you do more pictures for them of the twins as they grow. Being a Grandmother of nine with a set of little redheaded boy twins, who are 2 1/2 yrs., they won’t be wasting time growing. They just keep going and going. So don’t miss watching. Time goes by so quickly !
Oh, how I love this Family !

March 8, 2011 - 12:07 am

Karen - These are absolutely precious! God is good. All the time!

March 7, 2011 - 10:46 pm

Kathy - These babies are just so precious and loving. They are a special gift.

March 7, 2011 - 10:31 pm

Deborah K Chason - Now this is absolutely the most amazing photo of babies I have ever seen. Talk about a miracle….and even angels….BEAUTIFUL LOVE

March 7, 2011 - 10:24 pm

Glinda Majors - ABSOLUTELY wonderful pictures and you can feel the love coming from the photographs. Good job Ursula…..

March 7, 2011 - 8:42 pm

Darla Vinson - You did an amazing job, you can tell that your heart was in all of these photos. Thank you for what you did for them.

March 7, 2011 - 6:33 pm

Jennifer - Ms. Jennifer is so happy to see her little monkey’s. I love the picture of them smiling at each other. Even more the one with Makiah’s lamb above 🙂 I really need a tissue!

March 7, 2011 - 6:26 pm

Sandy (Philadelphia family photographer) - oh boy, I have tears streaming down my face. You did such a beautiful job, you can really feel the love and appreciation between everyone. I actually almost feel the older sister through these babies, what a blessing all the way around. Makes me proud to be a photographer.

March 7, 2011 - 6:21 pm

Delanna - What beautiful baby girls and a beautiful tribute. You pictures are amazing, Ursula!

March 7, 2011 - 5:32 pm

Bowen - Precious! You did an excellent job!

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